Transgender women should not be allowed to compete in the female fields at the olympics. Since 2004 transgender’s have been allowed to compete at the olympics. They are only to compete if they show they have  been and undergone sex reassignment surgery and have legal identification of their gender. It has been brought to people’s attention that having a man that has gone through a surgery that changes him to a female has a great advantage when they are competing in a women’s field in sport. Although, in 2005 it was ruled out that a trans women competing in a women’s field was only allowed if their testosterone levels were under 10 nanomoles per litre which is almost double what a biologically born female has as they only have 2.8 nanomoles.Otago university professor Alison Heather explains that a woman’s muscles could have increased muscle fibres after being a male. This then allows the muscles to train better and remember the previous genders muscle habits also known as muscle memory. It is clear to me that a trans woman that competes at the olympics as a female has an unfair advantage and should compete in their previous genders field. They are better off competing against other males as they can have higher testosterone levels than biologically born females.

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  1. it was good how you talked about the muscle fibres the only thing if you had to work on would be maybe the explanation. I think there was a few examples in there but i didn’t actually think anything needed working on 😉


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